The Hiatus Has Been Lifted…

So first and foremost, I realize that I’ve been a little radio silent recently and I apologize for that. I know most of you that follow this blog have come to enjoy my ramblings of wit and sarcasm, sprinkled in with a bit of beer knowledge here and there. I had a few personal things […]

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Beer Releases: The Fun To Be Had While Mastering The Art Of The F5

So this past week was the release of 2 new offerings from one of my favorite up and coming breweries in San Diego, Burgeon Beer Company. Very cool and laid back people with a great pedigree for making stellar beers. If you haven’t made the trip down to this little gem in the heart of […]

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The Chronicles Of TNBS: Part 1

One of the great things about the craft beer community, which I’ve mentioned before, is the willingness to come together and share great beer with one another. What once started as complete strangers usually ends up leading to amazing friendships. When you do this enough times, you’ll end up with a collective group that tends […]

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Make Bottle Shares Great Again

So since I had a couple bottle shares during the birthday week earlier this month, it got me thinking about some of the shares I’ve enjoyed in the past. Some solid beers, many of which I had been drinking for the first time, along with some good laughs with better friends. On the other side […]

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Beer Trades: Making Connections In The Pursuit Of The Ultimate Craft Beer

So as you can probably figure out from what I’ve published so far, craft beer plays a pretty hefty role in my life. Its ever-changing, from up and coming breweries bringing new beer to the table to tried and true breweries that keep pumping out solid offerings that keep the masses coming back for more. […]

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On Mondays, We Go Adventure

So for most people out there, Monday is the most dreaded day of the week. You have to stop having all the shenanigans that you got into on your days off and go back to work. You could have been out there checking out a new brewery you’ve never visited, got outside and enjoyed the […]

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It Starts…

So I’m sure you’re probably asking yourself a couple questions after finding this page….What the hell is this all about? Who the fuck is this guy? What really happened on LOST? I’ll be the first one to tell you that if you figure out that last one, I’ll be right there to buy you a […]

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