The Hiatus Has Been Lifted…

So first and foremost, I realize that I’ve been a little radio silent recently and I apologize for that. I know most of you that follow this blog have come to enjoy my ramblings of wit and sarcasm, sprinkled in with a bit of beer knowledge here and there. I had a few personal things I needed to attend to but should be coming back like Lebron’s Hairline. Well there’s definitely a lot to get caught up on so I’ll do my best to not bore the hell out of everyone and get to the meat and potatoes of it.

I’ll start out with an event we held at Plan 9 Alehouse early on this month, a good old keep the glass night featuring some of the best from Maui Brewing Co. If I had to put money on it, I’d say most people’s first experience with this brewery was when they had their honeymoon/family vacation in Hawaii and stumbled upon it while out in the middle of the Pacific. Being an island based brewery, its understandable that their distribution network is always going to be a bit on the limited side. Thankfully, they were picked up and added to the portfolio of Stone Brewing. Now I was excited to see what they would bring to the table since I haven’t had a lot from them in the past. I’ve heard great things about a few of their beers and was let down that we weren’t able to pick a few of the big names i had heard of up to pour throughout the night. That didn’t keep people from coming out in masses. Definitely one of the more surprisingly busy nights than previous tap takeovers without a doubt. Now for the skinny: the beers…

Big Swell IPA: Pretty basic west coast IPA with very little bitterness. Honestly, there wasn’t a whole lot of flavor to it and was kinda let down.

Double Overhead IIPA: A dud of an Imperial IPA if I’ve ever seen one. The maltiness was the only defining point to this one and I loathe malty IIPAs. This tasting was starting out rough to say the least.

Lahaina Town Brown: For the style, it was brewed absolutely spot on. Light body on the mouthfeel with subtle roasted cocoa that was a much needed improvement from the previous beers.

Liquid Breadfruit: This one was a total screwball that kicked me in the face and nuts at the same time. Sounded like it could be interesting but ended up tasting like a Belgian blonde that someone got bored at the family Christmas family dinner party and decided to put a piece of fruit cake in to marinate.

Pineapple Mana Wheat: This may have been my piss poor choice of the day without a doubt. Im already not a fan of wheat beers in general so my expectations weren’t high to start with but when the name of the beer has the word “Pineapple” in it, you’d expect to taste pineapple. Fun fact of the day; there is actually no word in the Hawaiian dialect for Pineapple. Fuck your Hawaiian Pizzas.

Pueo Pale Ale: Easily my favorite of all that I had tasted for the day. Super palatable and nice subtle, bitter finish. To me, it came off as more of a session IPA. Reminded me a lot of Alesmith’s .394 Pale Ale.

Imperial Coconut Porter: Now I have had the base version of this beer and love it, but this one wasn’t as good. The bigger body seemed to cover up the coconut a bit and it came off as more bitter than the base version.

Overall, I left feeling wanting a bit but what are you gonna do? It did bring out a nice crowd so there was the plus side to it. Maybe next time we can get a glimpse of that elusive Black Pearl…


So next up was the infamous Pizza Port Bottle Share Bonanza that was put together by a great friend and true ambassador to the craft, Kate (instagram: K8ters). So walking into this share, I did not realize exactly how big of a group was going to be there for this one. We started setting up and cracking cans and bottles at a furious rate. before you knew it, we had close to 30 people around a Macgyver table setup comprised of barrels with table tops. So with that many people and countless beers being opened, it was pretty hard to document everything that had transpired from the evening’s tomfoolery. I figured the easiest way to document this share was some of the highlights of the night in a pseudo-espn style Top 5 for the evening.

5. Somehow it wasn’t opened till the backend of the night, but the first batch of Modern Times’ Oracle Of The Bottle was cracked open and it was one of the surprises of the night. The only knock on this one was that the carbonation level was almost non existent but the sour level was heavy and the wine grapes added a great balance of sweetness and tannic levels.

4. Now this one was a bummer because I had enjoyed most of the barrel aged sours from Council brewing since the very beginning. There was a bottle of Woofle Dust that was opened that was a complete gusher that coated a good portion of the tables on hand. Basically at the end of the beer geyser, there was only about 4 ounces left to try and share with everyone. On the bright side, they took the bottle back to the brewery and explained what had happened and the beer was replaced, no questions asked.

3. Another gem that was opened way too late in the night but a bottle of Iridium Flare by Bottle Logic was cracked and I had to fight the urge to drink the whole thing to my greedy ass self. A decadently rich Braggot with wildflower honey and marionberry, sweet as hell but has great bourbon barrel oak all over it.

2. I had brought a beer that i had been waiting to open for about 2 years. The suspense was killing me so I had to pop it open. Phantom Carriage’s Cellar Bland Volume 1 was a Red Wine & White Wine Barrel Aged Blended Lambic that had promise all over it. Upon opening the bottle, my nose was hit with a blast of Bleu Cheese and Funk. Great balance and not to acidic, just wish it was a larger format bottle since there were a few that missed out on it.

1. Hands down the highlight of the night was having the pleasure of hanging out with Terre from Casa Agria and having him share both versions of a collaboration beer with De Garde Brewing from Oregon. Being able to have him explain how they came about the beer was a great experience to this collective of beer nerds. Both breweries used the same recipe for the beer and having the difference being the ingredients for each being indigenous to the location of each brewery. it was pretty crazy to see how location can change up a beer in subtle and more in your face ways.

Since the amount of beer opened was a bit hard to get all into one picture i did have to take a few pictures of the graveyard for the evening

Im sure I’ll be able to keep updates coming more frequently and I’m trying to make it a point to take better quality pictures for these updates. This thing has been a work in progress and I have to thank all of you that have been following since the beginning. Until next time, Cheers!

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