On Mondays, We Go Adventure

So for most people out there, Monday is the most dreaded day of the week. You have to stop having all the shenanigans that you got into on your days off and go back to work. You could have been out there checking out a new brewery you’ve never visited, got outside and enjoyed the sunshine or just sat on your ass at home and binged heavily on some Netflix with a little hope for a side of chill. Monday morning seems to show up and hit you like a brick to the teeth. You start planning out the rest of your week around your work schedule, like figuring out how to build that Lego Castle with only half of the directions. For myself, I usually wake up at a respectable 8AM, do some light reading while sitting on the can and start to figure out what type of adventures I have in store for the day.

So since I don’t have many days off working in the service industry, I tend to take full advantage of the fact. I try to get as much of my weekly errands done as fast as humanly possible as to not waste any of this much needed time away. There are definitely days that I just don’t feel like Adulting and find out how many episodes of The Office I can get thru before Netflix starts to judge you by asking that good old “Are You Still Watching?”. More often than not, I usually find myself getting out of the house and start my scavenger hunt of New Beers for the day. Living in San Diego does have the blessing of being able to pick up a rock and throwing it any direction and hitting, only to find it hitting the walls of a local Brewery or Bar with tasty treats inside. Now I know for a fact that there’s only so many ways you can do the same thing until it gets to be as interesting as watching paint dry so i started doing something that’s a nice little 1-2 combo: combine drinking beer WHILE exploring the outdoors.

Hiking has always been something that took me awhile to get into since I was always a little hesitant to try out. My right knee has had some serious wear and tear on it from 15+ years of Hockey and just general dumb drunk shit that has been endured. I didn’t really know anyone else at the time that hiked as well. I finally decided to stop making excuses and got my ass out on the trails. There were two very big certainties once i started getting out there and adventuring:

  1. I’m way more out of shape than i thought i was.
  2. It’s much more entertaining getting exercise outside rather than sitting in a gym, staring off into space while the middle aged man next to me is sweating up a storm while reading articles about weight loss on his iPhone.

So being the thinking man that I am, I tried to figure out the easiest way to take both hiking and my love for craft beer and combine them to make the ultimate Megazord of awesome. I did a little research and discovered that drinking a beer after a workout is a great way to speed recovery to building up and tearing down muscle fibers. Say no more Fam. From that point on, I started bringing a beer in my pack to have at the end of every hike. It really does give the craft beer drinker a nice incentive to get their ass off a barstool and outdoors a bit more.

Monday is also a day that i have chosen to keep quantity control of the beer cellar with a little segment known as Monday Solo Missions. With the amount of beer I tend to buy, the cellar would be overflowing if it wasn’t for this little act. Usually I go into the countless boxes of tasty beverages i have stored and pick one for the sacrificial offering to the Craft Beer Gods and take it down by myself. It’s a great way to test your drinking prowess and keeps myself from being a full blown Hoarder. You can find some of my previous victims by jumping on instagram and searching for #mondaysolomissions.

I could drag this on and on of all the ridiculous antics I get into on my days off but there’s a beer i hear calling my name from the fridge…I think it needs my help.

Until next time…


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