It Starts…

So I’m sure you’re probably asking yourself a couple questions after finding this page….What the hell is this all about? Who the fuck is this guy? What really happened on LOST? I’ll be the first one to tell you that if you figure out that last one, I’ll be right there to buy you a beer.

Basically, I decided to start writing this as a release (not the type that needs a good cleanup with bleach) and give you an insight into the mind of a kid that grew up in Southern California, sandwiched between a generational gap of those that seem to have a glimmer of their youth with most of their shit together and a mass of millennia’s that can’t operate a manual transmission. We want to go out and party like we’re still 21 but are prone to pulling a muscle with every solid bowel movement. We’re starting to feel the city miles our younger self put on our bodies.

I figured instead of just throwing you into the deep end without any water wings, I’d give you a little backstory into how this came to be…so grab a beer, sit back and enjoy the show…

Being the oldest of 4 kids from a working class family from San Diego, i started to my early years like any other kid…doing dumb shit while having to set an example for my younger minions. Unfortunately, you can only be young and dumb for a hot minute until you have to figure out what the hell you want to do with your life. I tried exploring a couple different avenue, hoping to find what i call The Perfect Combo:

1/3 Something I could do well that i actually give a shit about.

1/3 Freedom to still have the flexibility to go on random adventures or just stay at home and have a beer or 7.

1/3 Financial responsibility so i wouldn’t be spinning my wheels, living paycheck to paycheck like my early working years.

In essence, basically being able to have that “I’ve got my shit together but am still a Toys R Us kid at heart” feeling.

Could I be a bigger success? Probably.

Do I like how my life is going? No fucking doubt about it.

I really found a home with everything I wanted when i started working in the service industry and have been doing so for the better end of a decade. one of the best parts about it is being in the front row to see one of the most interesting aspect to life: how people act when they’re hungry. You’ll get the Grateful with the Grotesque, the Appreciative with the Assholes Every day is a new day with a new story to tell. It could be an awesome day where you meet some cool people hear some rad stories and make a little cash that you probably end up spending at the bar with your buddies later on that night. Or it could be a steamy turd of a day where you deal with some bitter fucking people who make you question “Who shit in your Wheaties this morning?” The uncertainty of it all is what keeps it fresh and brings me back for me.

One of the best parts of what I do every day is that it really did introduce me to one of my biggest passions, the wonderful world of Craft Beer.

Now let me set the record straight before I have to back pedal a bit. I have a wonderful lady in my life that I do love very much. If I didn’t mention this now, I may have some hell to pay later on for this next statement…

I Love Craft Beer. Like a lot. It may be viewed as “unhealthy” or “strange” to some. To those people , lighten the fuck up. The world has a whole lot worse out there and I’ll happily stick with this thru thick and thin. There’s just so much more to the craft beer scene than what you see at first glance. The skill and art it takes to make a beer comes at the cost of blood, sweat and a little liver vitality to perfect over time. Being able to see a brewer take a concept for a new brew and be able to execute the process to make a product that takes your senses for a trip to make you really FEEL that process makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end just thinking about it.

The community involved in the craft beer scene is another interesting facet as well. Granted there will always be a few Black Sheep in the flock that are out there to ruin the fun, just like that kid you invited to your 8th birthday that blew out your candles, but for the most part is a friendly group of individuals looking to join forces and share a beer or two. If I show up to a bar or brewery and I’ve never met you before in my life, I’ll probably end up sharing a pint and a story with you.

So for those of you that have made it this far and are still wondering what this is all about, here’s a couple things you can expect to see on a fairly regular basis:

  1. Beer Stories with strangers and friends alike – bottle shares, beer releases and reviews and general conversations with my fellow craft beer lovers.
  2. The Good, The Bad &The Ugly side of the Service Industry – Unfiltered stories from the daily encounters of work.
  3. A plethora of other shit that peaks my interest – music, foods, shiny things

Until Next Time,


3 thoughts on “It Starts…

  1. Solid first brain movement. Smooth and well-formed, and doesn’t clog up the pipes. I wish for: pictures! Lots of pictures… and I like your writing style – I can hear your voice in my head.


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