The Chronicles Of TNBS: Part 1

One of the great things about the craft beer community, which I’ve mentioned before, is the willingness to come together and share great beer with one another. What once started as complete strangers usually ends up leading to amazing friendships. When you do this enough times, you’ll end up with a collective group that tends to meet on a more frequent basis. Some may call it a gathering, others will say its just a bunch of beer nerds “nerding out” but the group i was lucky enough and graciously accepted into is known as the Tuesday Night Beer Society.

What originally started as 3 buddies who would meet up to share a few beers has progressively grown into a rotating ensemble of craft beer aficionados spanning a good portion of Southern California with a a network of beer friend connections of great magnitude. This network has been known to span most of the United States and is worth its weight in Exotic South African hops. I was actually adopted into this family due to the fact that they would frequently have their bottle shares at the brewpub that i work at (Plan 9 Alehouse). They would always be nice enough to share some of their spoils with the staff while we would grind out the night. Some of us that work there would bring in beers to share with them as to return the hospitality. One thing leads to another and Boom! You just got jumped in, Gangland Style. So I figured I’d give everyone the inside view into what transpires in a typical Tuesday Night Beer Society share. Its going to be a continuous piece known as The Chronicles of TNBS. You’ll get some of the highlights from the evening: Best Beers, Most Surprising Beer, The Golden Turd). Since our group does tend to rotate participants and bring in guests each week, I will be prefacing each share with who showed up with some associated means to follow their social media accounts (yes shameless plugs haha). So without further ado, this is what transpired last night.

Tuesday Night Beer Society – June 27th 2017

Location: Plan 9 Alehouse in Escondido – instagram: @plan9alehouse

Participants –

  1.  Joel M. – instagram: @beerwithpleasantstrangers
  2. Sean H. – instagram: @92hanlon
  3. Aaron O. – instagram: @mr_illectric
  4. Chris M – instagram: @_chrismclaugh
  5. Doug – instagram: @wheregreatartscollide
  6. Daniel – instagram: @hopschaser

So for all of you that haven’t been down in San Diego lately, we have officially hit that summertime heat wave that makes you contemplate how hot it can be before you start to die, especially when you live like i have without an AC unit your entire life. Last night was no different since it was definitely a sweaty one for sure. Needless to say, we got started pretty quickly.

Mumford Brewing Box Logo DIPA – Honestly, the first Mumford brew to disappoint me. Something felt off with the initial taste, possibly a bad can. It just felt way too bitter and a bit vegetal.

Mumford Brewing Stealth Pigeon NE Style IPA – This is more of the Mumford I know and Enjoy. Great mouthfeel with a bit of a stone fruit finish. I think we all could agree that the pigeon has shat all over the Supreme Knockoff. IMG_5170

Tired Hands Pineal Oat IPA with Honey – It was definitely interesting with the honey hitting smooth on the finish but everything else felt a bit muted. Just a little bit disappointing after having Alien Church from Tired Hands just 3 days priorIMG_5171.JPG

Arizona Wilderness Muir’s Mure Sour Ale with Arizona Blackberry – This one was a bit confusing. The first fruit we all felt we tasted was Strawberry with that band aid-esque flavor but finished off sharp and tart like blackberry. Pleasantly surprised for a hot day.IMG_5172Toolbox Brewing Eau d’Vine Rouge Chardonnay barrel aged sour with Cabernet Franc & Merlot Grapes – So far this one was the leader of the pack in my eyes. The wine barrel had a nice buttery feel with the wine grapes adding great tannins. Outstanding Mouthfeel that hits you in the jaw like a brick.IMG_5173.JPGAlpine Ryeder on the Storm Rye Imperial Porter with Vanilla aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels – After you get over the fact that the bottle was carbed about the same as a French Champagne, it actually turned out to be rather smooth. The rye spices leave a bit of earthiness on the palate that is finessed with the vanilla for damn fine balanceIMG_5174.JPGBlack Market Juice Willis NE IPA with Vanilla – First thing i noticed was it felt a bit thin but the taste wasn’t bitter in the least. The vanilla and the fruitiness from the hop bill lead to it tasting, dare I say, like Lucky Charms.IMG_5175.JPGRussian River Pliny the Elder Double IPA – There is and will always be something about this beer that just pulls at my heartstrings and makes the tummy happy. Overrated? Possibly but its still a staple in every Southern California beer drinkers diet and was a great change of pace for the upcoming onslaught.IMG_5176.JPGBottle Logic Iridium Flare BA Honey Strong Ale – I don’t care what the #Pastrystoutboyz say, this is fucking tasty! Jammy as fuck, great barrel character as it hits room temp and easy as all hell to get since its not a Vanilla Stout. Fuck the HaterzIMG_5177.JPG3 Fonteinen Cuvee, Armand & Gaston 2015 – It was going to take something transcendent to overtake this as the beer of the night. Everything you would want in a Gueuze. Limoncello and White Peppercorn.IMG_5178.JPGOther Half x Zagovor Space Soyez Sauce Red Wine Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Ararat Conditioned Birch Staves with Cherries and Vanilla – This beer was a liquid Rubix Cube. So confusing out the gate with the smell of scorched oak and coffee grounds. Finished with a bit of warm Brandy and dark fruit IMG_5179.JPGMonkish Water Balloon Fight Club Double IPA – For this being canned back in march and technically past its expiration, this thing held up pretty well. I felt it was getting a little thinner from a previous tasting but still refreshingIMG_5180.JPGToolbox Brewing Truth From Heart Barrel Fermented Saison with White Nectarines – I can drink an obscene amount of this. Super fuzzy mouthfeel and still has a juicy body. I highly recommend seeking this out if you haven’t already.IMG_5181.JPG

Des chutes The Abyss 2008 Imperial Stout Aged in Oak Barrels – A big thanks to Bill Benzel for sharing this from across the restaurant. Still had an amazing amount of oak barrel for being 9 years old. Almost getting a smokey scotch finish.IMG_5182.JPG

The Bruery Imperial Loakal Red AKA The Golden Turd Award Winner – So i was a bit excited to try this since it was a bottle from the OG preservation series. Lets put it this way, if you had told me this beer was supposed to taste like Straight From The Garden Potatoes then its spot on. A dab of Sour Cream and Chive may have made this better. I didn’t even take a picture of it haha.

Casa Agria Parables of Red Flanders Red Ale with Tart Cherries & Raspberries – Being a Flanders Red I knew that it was going to lean towards being on the vinegar side of sour but holy shit this had a mean bite! The addition of tart cherry and raspberry will test anyones sour tolerance. I feel like its still a little young but time may do this more justice.IMG_5183.JPG

Yeah, we definitely did a bit of work but I woke up feeling pretty damn good with a nice sense of accomplishment. It was definitely nice having some new blood in the group last night and theres always room for more. Check out the night’s Kill Shot down below. As always, keep checking back for new posts and keep sharing the love of the craft. Cheers!IMG_5185.JPG

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